Marina Rules

Enjoy and have fun, but please remember to be neighborly.

Summer Trailer Storage is not included.

  • Summer trailer storage is $100.00 due by April 1st with your dockage payment. Thereafter summer trailer storage is $200.00.
  • There will be a $25.00 fee and one week notice required to get your stored trailer for use.

Gas containers and fuel handling are prohibited

  • Gas pump hours are posted on the pump.
  • Gas Cards are available in the office so you do not have to carry cash.
  • If the gas pump hours do not accommodate your needs call the office and arrange for us to fill your tank for you.


  • All pets must be on a leash and in control.
  • Pets must be accompanied at all times.
  • It is the owner’s responsibility to clean up after their pet.
  • Owners who cannot control their pet, for any reason, will be asked to remove their pet from the property.


  • No parking on the grass.
  • Please always drive slowly there are small children at play.

Dock alterations are prohibited

  • Approved rubber bumpers are available for sale in the office.
  • All other concerns must be brought up to Rob Davis.


  • Must be kept inside your boat, on top of your boat or at home.
  • Leaving your tube behind your boat or in the water is prohibited.
  • Air pumps are available that plug into your boat or cars cigarette lighter (12V addaptor).

Launching of other boats is prohibited.

  • The marina is required by the city to provide MC#s for all boats docked at the facility.

Boat Ramp

  • The ramp is open during office hours only. At all other times it will be locked.
  • The marina closes at midnight.
  • If you want to come and use your boat after hours please contact the office during business hours. The security guard will need to be notified.

Covering and tying up your boat.

  • It is your responsibility.
  • If you need assistance please come to the office.
  • It is your responsibility to check your boat after severe weather.

Parties of 10 or more people are considered a party

  • In order to serve all our customers we must be notified prior to any event you may be planning.
  • You must reserve your date by calling the office.
  • We may need to increase our staff in order to keep the property in order.
  • All sign, decorations etc. must be taken down prior to your leaving. Garbage bags are available. Just ask.


  • No cleaning of fish on property.

Marina Hours

  • The Marina closes at Midnight.
  • All members and guests must be off property at that time.

Dockage Season

  • All federal, state and local laws do apply to Club Royale Marine’s property.
  • Dockage season is officially May 15th to September 15th.